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TF Pres. Temple Movement w/ Quanta, Brujo's Bowl & Beatroots & more

Discussion in 'Upcoming Parties' started by ConPith, Apr 27, 2017.

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    Welcome to TEMPLE MOVEMENT!

    After four unique events Twisted Frequencies present yet another powerful line up ready to take you into another realm of swampy bass driven melodies..
    Our event will be taking place once again in the old gothic church (Rialto Theatre) secretly located in the heart of Brighton (5 minute walk from Brighton train station).

    With great delight we introduce Quanta, a talent with a sound that will resonate deep into your grooving mind, Brujo’s Bowl & Beatroots, two incredible projects by Saxon Higgs hailing straight from Wales and our resident OmNebula!

    Promising vivid auditory and visual performances for the pleasure of your souls.. expect full on light effects, projections & decor from our crew!
    Beautiful handmade pieces, sparkles, face painting and more provided by The Pixies Pantry!


    **LINE UP **

    Quanta [ Shanti Planti / Enig'matik Records ] - Live Set
    Brujo's Bowl [ Zenon Records / Luminus Music ] - Live Set
    Beatroots [ Shanti Planti / Merkaba Music / Triple Drop Productions] - Live Set
    OmNebula [ Twisted Frequencies / The Floating Dune ] - DJ Set



    £8 PRESALE (Limited online pre-sale tickets coming soon..)
    £10 AT THE DOOR

    We introduce our guests…

    *QUANTA [Shanti planti / Enig'matik] - Live Set

    ‘Quanta’ is determined to share his passion for making music for the soul purpose of enjoyment and experience. He has been producing music for over 18 years, working with record labels such as Hustle Recordings, Whoop! Records, Dirtyblue Records and Cuba Recordings. He has also been playing bass, keyboards and guitar for as long as he can remember. This project has been influenced by sounds from, Interchill, TwistedMusic, Bluetech and Ott.

    Since 2010 he has been working on his project ‘Akasha Experience’ alongside co-producer Babak Rezvani, in his studio in Cornwall (Southwest). The pair have released with ‘Freespirit Records’, ‘Dubmission Records’ and with ‘Audio Aashram”. Quanta has releases with 'Enig'matik Records', 'Dubmission Records' and 'Addictech Records’.

    The ‘Quanta’ project is a new and exciting solo project bringing you music that combines various worldwide influences, with the results culminating in down-tempo, glitchy, psychedelic chilled-out dub.
    We are so excited for this performance that our goosebumps seem to never leave..

    SC: https://soundcloud.com/quanta-uk
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/quantamusic/

    *BRUJO’S BOWL [Zenon Records / Luminus Music] - LIVE SET

    The project ‘Brujo’s Bowl’ is the alias of Saxon Higgs. A young talented musician and producer from mid Wales (UK). Saxon started out by playing about with various instruments when he was a teenager, playing in bands and organizing jam sessions in the depths of the wild welsh countryside. On the verge of leaving secondary school, Saxon and a few of his friends became interested in electronic music. This was when dubstep had just hit the underground music scenes of the UK, and still had it’s unique non-commercial sound. Producers such as 2562 had a large impact on Saxon’s ears. In 2008 at the age of 17 Saxon began self teaching himself how to use various pieces of music production software. He began playing a few of his tracks out at club nights which he represented, and began receiving some encouraging feedback.
    After going to a few psytrance festivals in 2009-2010, Saxon’s musical perception was turned sideways forever. He changed course, and began working on the project ‘Brujo’s Bowl’. The Brujo’s work and live sets have developed from the typical psychedelic sound which founded the project. Since starting his new project, Beatroots. Saxon's focus is to bring a more intelligent and minimal bass music vibe in deep progressive to the audience' ears. Concentrating on tones more subtle to the ear, intricate rhythms which transform with the expanding crescendos and chord meanderings which carry the ever so 'addictive' loops forward, onward and upward. The change in the quality of his work is a clear representation of how his ethos is in life and his relationship to the earth, the simplicity in just existing, living and breathing; are all parallel with the way he explores in synthesis and sound design.

    Get ready for a thumping set that will get you hooked till the early hours of the morning..

    SC: https://soundcloud.com/brujosbowl
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/Brujos-Bowl-196691377037702/

    *BEATROOTS [Shanti Planti / Merkaba Music / Triple Drop Productions] - LIVE SET

    'Beatroots’ is the project of deep minimal and intelligent beats by Saxon Higgs. Saxon's new direction ventures to the deep. In comparison to his alternative alias, 'Brujo's Bowl' Beatroots' focus is on the lower levels.
    It is a true delight to have this project at our event, so expect quality sounds and fat swerving drops from the stage straight to your soul!

    SC: https://soundcloud.com/beat_roots
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/beatr00ts/?ref=br_rs

    *OMNEBULA [Twisted Frequencies / The Floating Dune] - DJ Set

    OmNebula is the co-founder and resident Dj of Twisted Frequencies, the founder of The Floating Dune and co - founder of Lucidity. He is a Dj who has the experience of performing over 10 genres of music over the past 5 years at multiple venues & locations and is always exploring new genres..

    From a young age OmNebula has embraced his triple nationality, and in search of his own sound, his track selections are not restricted to one genre - Ethnic & Tribal to Ambient & Psybient influenced-tracks, with the occasional Psychedelic infused Trance/Techno vibe.

    He is currently producing 4 albums which will be surfacing very soon under his two producer names, The Cluster Planet & Memorio.
    He regularly makes appearances on various radio stations, events, rave parties and festivals around Greece and the UK. OmNebula also creates and compiles video footage to be projected at each event alongside his venue decoration..

    This is a devoted sound traveller..

    SC: https://soundcloud.com/dj-omnebula
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/The-Cluster-Planet-aka-Omnebula-5…/

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