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the tune-finder

Discussion in 'Music discussion' started by Fromem_Ory, May 23, 2005.

  1. VegardHa

    VegardHa Forum Newbie

    Any psy geeks who can tell me the name of the track from 05:50 and the one from 09:45?

  2. Orichalcos

    Orichalcos Forum Member

  3. Candiety

    Candiety Junior Member

    Heaton, Newcastle

    I've posted this before but does anybody know what it is yet?

    Possibly Ajja.
  4. adm1r

    adm1r Forum Newbie

    Hi there everyone. Sorry i didn't introduce myself properly, but this is my last chance of finding a track that i've been searching for over a decade. I don't have any sample. I've had a track on some cd that my friend gave me and i lost the cd but even then i never bothered to ask for the name of a track. All i remember is the haunting male vocal in the breakdown that just goes "aaaaah, oaaaaah" and then some guitarish melody after that. I know it's vague and it's a long shot, but i've been youtubeing and google it for so long. If this doesn't help, i give up.

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